1. Caution Notice
  a. Candidates are advised to refer to website www.natboard.edu.in and Information Bulletin for authentic information and periodic updates about the DNB CET-SS and conduct of counseling thereafter.
  b. Candidates are advised not to be allured by various claims of any party or person or institute for qualifying DNB CET-SS examination or securing seat as per the regulations.
  c. Candidates are advised to bring any such information to the notice of NBE by e-mail: mail@natboard.edu.in or fax 011-45593009.
2. Non Disclosure Agreement
  a The CET-SS is a proprietary examination and is conducted by National Board of Examinations. The contents of this exam are confidential, proprietary and are owned by National Board of Examinations. NBE explicitly prohibits the candidate from publishing, reproducing or transmitting any or some contents of this exam, in whole or in part, in any form or by any means verbal or written, electronic or mechanical or for any purpose.
  b. No content of this exam must be shared with friends, acquaintances or third parties including sharing through online means or via social media. Social media includes but not limited to SMS, Whatsapp, Facebook, Twitter, Hangouts, Blogs etc using either one’s own account or proxy account(s).
  c. By registering for and /or appearing in CET-SS the candidate explicitly agrees to the above Non Disclosure Agreement and general terms of use for CET-SS as contained in this Information Bulletin, and DNB CET-SS website.
  d. Violation of any act or breach of the same shall be liable for penal action and cancellation of the candidature at the bare threshold.
3. Unfair means -If during the course of training / examination, a candidate is found indulging in any of the following, he/she shall be deemed to have used unfair means
  Candidate undergoing DNB training if by himself or in connivance with the accredited Institute authorities tries to abstain himself from DNB training or submits false/ forged certificate towards DNB training.
  Maintaining incomplete/incorrect log book, attendance records, training schedule, thesis work etc.
  Submission of DNB training certificate with wrong dates of joining and completion of training.
  Candidate misbehaving or using abusive language with other DNB trainees or patients or staff of accredited institute or with the faculty of the accredited institute.
  Candidate who has resigned from DNB course (after joining the DNB course) if appears for DNB entrance during the scheduled duration of training.
  If a candidate is found to have made a wrong statement in his/her application form for admission to the examinations / counseling /training or has attempted to secure or has secured admission to any of the examinations of NBE  by making a false statement or by production of a false document 
  If at any stage a candidate has tampered with any entry in the certificate or statement of marks or any certificate issued by any governmental or non-governmental body or any other document that has been issued to him/ her by the Board.
  In the answer book, a candidate is not permitted to write his/her name or put his/her signature or put any sign or mark( except the jacket of the answer sheet) which may disclose his/her identity to the examiner. 
  Use/possession of any kind of electronic gadgets including mobile phones with or without internet (whether the gadgets are actually used or not).
  Having in possession of any note-book(s) or notes or chits or any other unauthorized material concerning the subject pertaining to the examination paper.
  Anything written on any part of clothing, body, desk, table or any instrument such as setsquare, protractor, blotting paper and question paper etc.
  Giving or receiving assistance directly or indirectly of any kind or attempting to do so.
  Change of seat without the permission of Examination Superintendent/ In charge Computer Laboratory.

Writing questions or answers on any material other than the answer book given by the Centre Superintendent for writing answers.

  Tearing of any page of the answer book or supplementary answer book. etc.
  Contacting or communicating or trying to do so with any person, other than the Examination Staff, during the examination time in the examination center Computer Laboratory.
  Consulting notes, books or any other material or outside person while going out of the examination hall/Computer Laboratory to toilet or to any other place.
  Taking away the answer book out of the examination hall/room.


  Candidate appearing multiple times with same or different identity in different sessions of same examination conducted on Computer Based Testing platform.
  Using or attempting to use any other undesirable method or means in connection with the examination.
  Smuggling out Question Paper or its part; or smuggling out answer book/supplementary answer sheet or part thereof.
  Running away or swallowing or destroying any note or paper or material found with him/her.
  If the answer books show that a candidate has received or given help to any other candidate through copying.
  Threatening any of the officials connected with the conduct of the examinations or threatening of any of the candidates.

  Found exchanging answer book or question paper with solution or copying from unauthorized material.
  Peeping into the computer monitor screen of the other candidate.
  Disclosing his/her identity or making distinctive mark in the answer book for that purpose or fails to deliver his/her answer book/ continuation sheet before leaving the examination hall.
  Hacking or attempting to hack or causing interference with the website of NBE or its Technology Partner(s) or their Information Technology systems.
  Tampering with Information Technology systems of NBE or Technology Partner(s) or Computer Laboratory.
  Damaging the computer systems of computer Laboratory
  Candidate found to have attempted or trying to attempt personally or through another person to influence or pressurize an examiner, or any officer or official connected with the examinations of the NBE or its technology partner, either at the Board or at the office of technology partner or their respective residence(s), in any matter concerned with the examinations.
  All candidates appearing or have appeared in examinations conduct by NBE are governed by Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) which prohibits the candidate from publishing, reproducing or transmitting any or some contents of the exam, in whole or in part, in any form or by any means verbal or written, electronic or mechanical or for any purpose.  Any candidate violating the NDA will be treated as UMC.
  If at any stage if it is found that the candidate has appeared multiple times in the same session of examination or has appeared in same or different examination of NBE with different names, unfair means case shall be registered against such candidate and dealt accordingly.
  Any act of candidate/any person which is detrimental to safe, secure and smooth conduct of examination and the decision of EEC in this regard shall be final.
  Candidate is found talking/peeping to another candidate during the examination hours in the examination room.
  A candidate who refuses to obey the Superintendent of Examination center/ Computer Lab and changes his/her seat with another candidate and/or creates disturbance of any kind during the examination and/or otherwise misbehaves in the examination hall .
  A candidate found copying from notes written on any part of his/her clothing, body, desk or table or instrument like set squares, protractors, scales etc. or who is found guilty of concealing, disfiguring, rendering illegible, swallowing or destroying any notes or papers or material found with him/her or found exchanging answer book or question paper with solution or talking to a person or consulting notes or books outside the Examination Hall, while going to the toilet or in the toilet.
  Any candidate found guilty of having adopted anyone or more of the above Unfair means/misconduct is liable to be penalized with a penalty by the Ethics Committee, which may vary from cancellation of the examination/expulsion up to next 14 attempts/7 yrs and/or cancellation of candidature as may be decided by Examinations Ethics Committee after considering each case.

The above list is purely indicative. If any act of omission or commission attributed to the candidate/intent by the candidate to vitiate the sanctity of the examination in decision of NBE shall be taken up as unfair means.

4. Disclaimer – The decision of NBE shall be final and binding for declaration of any person /candidate guilty of foregoing or such offence as shall be classified as Unfair Means Case.
5 The candidate by indulging in unfair means, may in addition to rendering himself  liable to criminal prosecution, be liable:-/td>
  a. To be disqualified by the NBE from the Examination for which he is a candidate; and/or
  b. To be debarred either permanently or for a specified period:-
i)  By the NBE, from any examination or selection held by them;
iii) By the Central /State Government from any employment    under them; and
  c. To disciplinary action under the appropriate rules if he is already in service under Government.